In search of a deeper understanding of life, I’ve always found myself being attracted to the idea of duality. Every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces. Yet these forces are not just opposites; they are complementary. Duality to me, is actually an essential life force. It all depends on your perspective. The concept of good wouldn’t have existed without evil. Neither would beauty without the unpleasant. The cycle of life is all about our choices. The very existence of life puts you in positions of duality, day after day, giving birth to creative inspiration. Without an opposing counterpart we could not have merely comprehend the concept of value and appreciation. It’s this harmony created by ups and downs. It’s the motion of yin and yang that generates life.

The one-of-a-kind objects I give life to serve as a metaphor to this dichotomy. Each and every one of my designs symbolize a unity of oppositions both with their creative aesthetic and with their function. Handcrafted with natural wood and iron, Chiara de Rocchi designs portray an amalgamation of natural opposites. To me these opposites create attractiveness. Merging two completely different structured and textured raw materials; the unison of such of contrasts creates a harmonious form.

Every single one of my designs carry deep meaning. My design aesthetic isn’t just about making things look appealing, or just about usability. It is about taking objects from being usable to enchanting, and then beyond that — to meaningful. I refer to my designs as functional art pieces, as they imbue a sense of fulfillment, whilst offering you practicality. A secret allegory to the concept of duality, I explore the idea of form vs function, while bringing both to the table.

Chiara de Rocchi pieces aim to break preconceived notions about art&design while bringing uniqueness to any space it inhabits.

- Chiara


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